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Vithal Shivdev Vinchurkar

Vithal Shivdev was a Deshastra Brahman belonging to Vinchurkar family . They were originally Danis of Saswada doing duty as recorders of grain and accepting a portion of the same as their Vatan. Vithal Shivdev was born in the year 1695 to Shivajipant . Shivajipant had three sons Aburao, Trinibakrao, and Vithal Shivdev, among these three Vithal Shivdev was the youngest . At a young age Vithal Shivdev was thrown out of his family , he then fixed his residence at Madhe, situated three miles from Satara. There he devoted himself to a saint by name Amritswami and upon the retirement of Amritswami he offered his single-minded devotion to his successor, Pawanbawa. This latter recommended Vithal Shivdev to one Bakshi, a respectable servant of Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj. Bakshi employed him in his household to superintend management of his horse. The bravery shown by this young boy on one hunting expedition of Sahuji Maharaj compelled the chatrapati to take him into his services where he continued to stow himself deserving of the favour and rose to be the commandant of ten horsemen
At the age of 21 he married the daughter of the Kulkarni of Kenjalgaon. In 1720 Chimnaji Appa was despatched to put down the rebellious Nabab Siddi-Sada of Janjira . Vithal Shivdev accompanied Chimnaji Appa in this expedition. Greatly he distinguished himself in the fight and cut down the Nawab himself. As a result he was raised -to the command of the horse he brought over from the enemy. On personally hearing the tale of the exploit from Chimnaji Appa, Shahu had his services transferred for the Peshwa’s benefit. In 1730 Vithal Shivdev assisted Chimnaji Appa in the campaign in Malwa against Dayabahadur, the new Subhedar of Malwa. In 1731 Sayaji Gujjar commanded the expedition against Gadhemandala. Vithal Shivdev was ordered to go out in his aid. Faithfully be performed the task and captured the fort. As a reward he was raised to the command of an independent battalion. Also it was ordered henceforward that the expenses of Vithal Shivdev, private and those incurred for the maintenance of the force under should be met from the Peshwa treasury. In 1739 Vithal Shivdev formed one of the band of valorous Lieutenants, who helped the Chmnaji Appa to capture the fort of Bassein .
In the Gujrat campaign of Raghunathrao of 1753 Vithal Shivdev accompanied him and thence to North India but in the course of time his first wife died and he married a second time at Kalpi .Towards the end of 1754 Peshwa Balajirao ordered Raghunathrao to capture Gwaliour which was then under the rule of the Jat king of Gohad . Raghunathrao entrusted this job to Vithal Shivdev . In January 1755 Vithal Shivdev attacked Gohad , Raja Bhimsingh Jat , the king of Gohad left Gohad and took shelter in the fort of Gwaliour which was besieged by Vithal Shivdev . Army and guns were requisitioned from Delhi . Bhimsingh Jat was defeated and beheaded and the fort was conquered . Bhimsingh’s son Balram , succeeded to the throne of Gohad . Rupram Kataria effected an agreement between the new Jat King and Raghunathrao on 7th June 1755 . According to the agreement the fort of Gwalior came into Maratha possession along with 19 cannons. The territories annexed by Vithal Shivdev were to be returned to Jat King Balram except Gwaliour . Gopalrao Barwe was appointed as the incharge of this fort who took the charge on 22nd June .
When Raghunathrao went to north India in 1757 Vithal Shivdev led his troops of 4,000 horsemen . He was among the best general of Peshwa Balajirao and a close man of Raghunathrao. Though not on good terms with Bhausaheb . About the middle of May Vithal Shivdev along with Sakharam Bapu, Gangadhar Chandrachud (Holkar’s diwan), Antaji Manakeshwar and 20,000 troops were sent to recover Maratha possessions in north India .They first came across Agra which was a Maratha possession. The subahdari of Agra was given by the Peshwa to Malharrao Holkar who nominated his close friend Vital Shivdev as his deputy there (27 May ). Suraj Mal who had usurped the Maratha lands in these regions agreed to pay the outstanding balance of the indemnity of 1754 if allowed to hold these tracts When the Marathas reached Delhi , Vithal Shivdev aggressively attacked Delhi and it was he who arrested Najib Khan . For this achievement was rewarded by the Emperor with dresses and ornaments and given the title of Umdat-ul-mulk and a jagir near Nasik. On 10th May 1758 Vital Shivdev was appointed as the faujdar of Saharanpur replacing Najib Khan by Wazir Imad-ul-Mulkh.
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